Troy Raw Honey

Founded in 2019, Trekco Ltd has come a long way for such a young company, with the expertise of its founders behind it, this company benefits from its team’s combined 25 years of experience in the industry of sourcing, developing, and producing products, as well as their knowledge of marketing services within the FMCG global market. Overall, Trekco’s main goal is to develop products that are environmentally friendly and naturally produced. This has developed Trekco’s staunch dedication to environmental corporate responsibility when it comes to the products they work with, partnering with food and drink manufacturers and farmers directly. TROY RAW GREEK HONEYS is a collaboration with a fourth generation of Greek beekeeping family. Gkotzas Family have been producing Raw Greek Honey for centuries using their traditional methods passed down through their family tree. Our Troy Raw Greek Honeys are produced from the mountains of Central Greece in region of Thessaly an area around the Plastira lake and the mountains of Agrafa. This place is full of nectar from many different flowers and trees like Pine, Oak, Fir, Chestnut, wild mint, wild clover, lavender and many other mountain flowers. Gkotzas family has also been accredited with ISO 22000:2018.


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